•What is a Patient- centered medical home?
A place where the physician and patients are partners in healthcare. It’s a dynamic that embraces not just the latest data, but the best data, one that incorporates what is known about overall health and wellness with a strong patient/doctor relationship.

•What is an internist?
Internists are doctors for adults who have had intensive training to deal with all the medical and health concerns of adults, no matter how simple or complex. The internists at Lofts Medical Associates provide all aspects of healthcare from disease prevention to annual physicals, to management of ongoing chronic illnesses and inpatient care. When necessary, we refer patients to specialists for testing or treatments, but we always continue to follow the course of a patient’s healthcare along with the specialists. An internist is an appropriate choice as a healthcare provider for anyone over the age of 18.

•What if I have a problem after business hours?
Always call 911 in an emergency.
Same day appointments are often available by calling our office.
An Internal Medicine physician is on-call after hours for urgent health care questions.

•How do I make appointment?
If you are an established patient, we encourage you to make your next appointment before you leave our office. This ensures that you will receive a convenient date and time. Otherwise visit the Patient Portal or call us during office hours to make arrangements.

•How do I get a prescription refilled?
We encourage you to address your medication needs at your visit. You can initiate a refill by contacting your pharmacy, who will communicate this to us via ePrescribe, you can also use the online Patient Portal or call our office during office hours. Plan ahead for your medication needs, as approval from your doctor is required. Please allow two business days for a refill.

•How do I learn about my test results?
It is our practice to communicate results to every patient for every test we order. After receiving your test results, your provider will usually send a letter to inform you of the outcome within two weeks of the last test. If time period has extended beyond two weeks, please contact our office.

•Is my insurance plan accepted?
We formally participate in most major insurance programs. We submit insurance claims and in most cases, payments will be made directly to our office. You are responsible for co-payments, deductibles and non-covered services.

•What are your billing practices and financial expectations?
We hold the relationship between you and your provider in the highest regard. As a matter of practicality, we will assist to expedite claims through most insurance carriers. As a patient however, you maintain financial responsibility for service provided.
Payment is expected at the time of service unless other arrangement has been made.